About LogSpace℠ time tracker

We are Moment Software LLC—a team of software developers focused on building great software.

As we started our roles as independent contractors, we knew that we needed to keep records of time worked for clients of Moment Software LLC. So we began evaluating various existing time tracking apps. We were looking for a time tracker that was reliable and robust, yet wasn't going to cost too much. We didn't need many features—just record our time and provide end of period reports.

After experiencing various frustrations with the offerings at the time and not being satisfied with any particular one, we decided to build our own. We thought that as experienced software developers we could make a better platform for tracking time that would be an excellent tool for us to use as independent contractors. So we set out to do just that.

What you see now is the result of that labor. We have been using the LogSpace time tracker internally for some time. Now, we have made it available for everyone.