About LogSpace Time Tracker

LogSpace is an affordable time and expense tracking system enhanced with automatic invoicing. That means that you don't have to create your own invoices. Configure how often you need to invoice your clients, and we'll notify you each time they are ready!

Quickly clock in as you start working, or enter your time retroactively. View your entire team's time and expenses, and grant access to edit entries for other teammates. When each period ends, send off an invoice!

Before creating LogSpace, we found competing expense and time tracking systems to be priced somewhat high. We reasoned that we could develop a quality system while remaining a bit more affordable.

Whether you are tracking time and expenses as a team or individually, LogSpace is built for a simple user experience.

About Us

We formed Moment Software LLC in 2011, and we've been in the Dallas area since. We're focused on building quality software. Software robustness and high availability of systems are incredibly important to us. We expect our products to be intuitive, useful, secure, and accessible, all while remaining easy to use. Starting as a small business ourselves, we aim to cater to businesses both small or large.

As we started our roles as independent contractors, we knew that we needed to keep records of time worked for clients of Moment Software LLC. So we began evaluating various existing time tracking apps. We were looking for a time tracker that was reliable and robust, yet wasn't going to cost too much.

In the end, we decided that we would build LogSpace. It proved to be an excellent tool for us to use as independent contractors. And now it is available for you to use as well!