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6 Useful Time Management Activities for Boosting Employee Productivity

Managing time is important for productivity. We discuss some activities to learn about this concept.

9 Time Management Tools to Improve Your Workflow & Boost Productivity

When you consider your workflow, there are many useful tools to complement your time tracking. Let's take a look at a few.

5 Effective Time Management Strategies to Boost Productivity

Reach your goals effectively using time management strategies.

10 Successful Time Management Habits to Launch Productivity

Certain habits can boost your productivity. We discuss ten of these habits.

How to Set Simple Time Management Goals That Boost Productivity

Setting goals improves our productivity. We discuss how to set and achieve those goals.

9 Top Benefits of Time Management

There are many benefits of time management. We discuss our top nine.

The Effects of Poor Time Management. Do You Recognize The Warning Signs?

We know time is a precious resource. Are you aware of signs that you're wasting it?

Excel Attachments and Invoice Customization

Clients have different invoicing requirements. Give them a customized experience with our Excel attachments and line item configuration.

Dark Mode—It's Easy on Your Eyes

If you think your everyday tools are too bright, you're really going to like our latest update!

Timesheets Now Available

Harness the simplicity and power of timesheets in your workflow. Now you can track time without entering start and stop times.

Automate Invoicing Tasks With Automatic Invoicing

Avoid the hassle of invoicing, and let LogSpace automatically create your invoices for you.

My Grand "Morning Person" Experiment, But I'm a Night Owl

Paul discusses sleep cycles and his experiment of completely altering his sleep schedule to beat even the earliest morning people.

Dreaming About Time Tracking? Probably Not.

We realize business software isn't the most exciting topic. We keep out of your way and do the repetitive and time-consuming work for you.

Track Your Time and Expenses Without Paying a Dime

We're now offering a free plan with plenty of features.

Highly Available Systems Are There When You Need Them

Learn what makes LogSpace a highly available system and why that is a good thing.

New Dashboard and Improved Navigation

We've got a new dashboard! No need to reiterate what a picture is worth. You already know.

Now Supporting Expense Tracking and Invoicing

We've added expense tracking capabilities to LogSpace. Now you'll have your time, expenses, and invoices all in one system.

The Dance of Small Business Without Breaking a Leg

Delve into Paul's take on business and what he's learned so far. It's a never ending learning process.

Automatic Invoices: Let us do the work

Our latest new feature will let you set up automatic invoices. Can your time tracker do that?

Sending Invoices To Your Clients

Paul gives you a quick tour of how to send your first invoice with LogSpace.

Invoicing is now live!

We've added invoicing capabilities to LogSpace, which is especially useful for freelancers or other independent contractors.

LogSpace and the shiny new logo.

Take a look at our updated logo.

Hello, world! And invoices!

Get a sneak peek of the upcoming invoice capabilities of LogSpace.

New Time Tracker Mobile App

Use our convenient mobile app to clock in on the go.

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