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Sending Invoices To Your Clients

by Paul on July 2, 2019

The month recently ended, and it’s probably time for many of you to send out an invoice or two, so let’s go over the process of setting up your first invoice.

The basics are:

  • Create a client
  • Create new projects or assign existing projects to the client
  • Create an invoice
  • Add time or other invoice line items
  • Finalize and send the invoice

But let’s get into some more details:

Your team will have some common settings for all clients, such as your team’s contact name, email address, and billing address. These are set to reasonable defaults, but check them out in the top navigation under “Team Settings” → “Invoicing”. You’ll also have some shared format settings for dates, numbers, time zone, and currency.

Invoices are created for clients, so go ahead and navigate to “Clients” and click “New Client” if you haven’t already done so. Once you’ve created your client, check the default settings to see if they’re satisfactory for your needs. Common edits include the client email address, invoice prefix, and invoicing settings. The invoicing settings let you set your hourly rate, how to round time, and how quickly payments are due. Client Invoicing Settings

You may also want to set a default invoice memo and the client’s billing address. The memo is useful for payment instructions as well.

If you’re looking at a client, and you want to create a new project for the client, choose “New Project”. You may also assign existing projects to the client, using the “View all team projects” link.

You’re ready to create an invoice. From the client view, click “New Invoice” at the top. The invoice is created in DRAFT status so you can still edit it. Creating a New Invoice

Use the “Add Time” button to create invoice line items based on your time, or “Add Other Line Item” to create a custom line item.

Preview the invoice PDF if you’d like. Once you’re happy with it, choose “Finalize/Send Invoice”, and send it to the client!

Invoicing is now live!

by Paul on June 19, 2019

Do you send invoices? Are you an independent contractor? Maybe a consulting firm? I’ve got some great news. We just released invoice and client support for LogSpace.

Development Preview of Client Setup

LogSpace is fantastic for time management, and invoices are a great addition. That’s true even if you’re not tracking time. If you just need to send invoices with flat rates, LogSpace has you covered there as well.

Quickly set up a client, and you’ll have access to configuration fields including your hourly rate, hours rounding mode (such as 6-minute increments), and how long your clients have to pay each invoice.

And importantly, create the invoice! We’ve got a quick button to add invoice line items based on the amount of time worked and your hourly rates. Add in additional line items if you wish, and you’re ready to finalize and send the invoice.

We can send an email that includes the invoice PDF, or you can handle it yourself. We might be biased, but we think it’s pretty sharp looking and adds some professionalism to give you an extra edge. We use every feature in LogSpace ourselves, so we’re pretty excited.

Is that going to be it? Nope! We hinted at automatic invoices in a previous post, and that’s coming soon. You’ll be able to set a billing period and automatically generate an invoice. Plus you’ll be able to approve the invoice before it sends if that suits you.

Check out the demo if you’d like to see how it works. If you’ve got invoicing needs, let’s get started!

LogSpace and the shiny new logo.

by Michael on June 4, 2019

Hello. LogSpace has a new logo!

We’ve updated our site with this new logo and will also be rolling it out to the LogSpace web and mobile apps very soon. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here it is:

LogSpace Logo

Lots of thinking went into determining what we wanted our logo to represent. Since we consider LogSpace to be a robust tool for time tracking, we wanted a logo that also represented this. I find that the clock face conveys precision, and the arcs and bright colors express positive motion. These ideas are exactly the kind that we want to highlight in LogSpace.

Now, with our logo we can keep moving with a symbol that shows what LogSpace is about. If you or someone you know might find LogSpace to be as useful as we do, give it a try and spread the word! It would be a great help.

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