Send Invoices to Clients

Use the invoicing capabilities of LogSpace to keep track of projects on a per-client basis. Easily add invoice line items from expenses and time worked and send professional invoices so that you can be paid for your work.

Sending Invoices

LogSpace invoice features make getting paid easier! Create invoices for your clients in no time.

Invoices can include billable time and expenses, but you can also add custom line items. LogSpace can create invoices whether you are charging based on time or flat rates.

Automatic Invoices

Set up automatic invoices for recurring periods, and LogSpace will create the invoices for you!

We'll notify you when it's ready, so you can approve or edit the invoice before finalizing it.

Invoicing Settings

Every team has their own preferences, so LogSpace allows you to configure invoices with your preferred date/time formats.

Even customize the currency and time zone.

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