Effects of Poor Time Management

The Effects of Poor Time Management. Do You Recognize The Warning Signs?

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Are your warning bells ringing when you read that title? We usually realize the value of time. Yet our subconscious mind doesn't always treat time as such a precious resource.

This is especially true when we compare it to other resources such as money.

So while we are focusing on time, it's important to call out some signs of poor time management so that you can avoid them.

Let's dive in...

Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Time?

With all the technology we have available these days, we've become more productive in general. But one reason our productivity can remain hindered is that we're not using the tools available to us. Are you evaluating updated processes and tools that will save you time and make your job easier? Are your existing tools outdated? You may need to check the processes or tools in your workflow. Are there any that aren't as proficient as they could be when compared to other modern alternatives? No one will call you an old dog if you're learning new tricks.

As you're evaluating your tools, how does your time management stack up? It's important to know how you and your team members are spending their time as well. Then you can focus more on what actions are producing results. We've been using our timesheet app to not only track time spent on clients, but also to keep a record of how long projects take.

Are you unsure if you need to rethink your time management? Let's take a look at some common warning signs of poor time management and their effects:


Are you pushing off work to the last minute? If you have trouble getting started, it's sometimes that little push that may get you going. For going to the gym, you might need to just walk out the door. Now that you've started, you're going to finish the job. The same can be true for freelancers and hourly workers that need to just clock in to get that initial push.

Lack of sleep

Are your working hours conducive to your sleep cycle? Not everyone is a morning person, and you may be more productive with alternative hours. Regardless, try to maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

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Unhealthy eating or poor exercise

A common excuse for not exercising is not having enough time. But in reality it's about having poor time management. If you're not taking care of your body, your mind may be suffering, and you're likely not getting the most value out of your time.

Low energy

If you're not feeling as dedicated or enthusiastic, there can be various reasons for this. You may consider an evaluation, whether by self reflection or with the help of a professional.

Lack of punctuality

If you're showing up late and leaving early, you may be leaving productivity on the table. Additionally, it's important to find a schedule for collaboration if you work with others.

Rushed work

Are you regularly finishing up your work in a hurry? You may be overloaded, overcommitted, or subject to unrealistic deadlines. Try to manage your time by not saying yes to everything.

Regular distractions

Is your environment distracting? Sounds, lights, or other concerns can cause wasted time. You may want to consider what helps you stay on track.


If you find yourself disorganized, you may be wasting time while searching for items. Use your time management skills and tools to organize and focus on your day-to-day life.

Poor work/life balance

Are you a bit of a workaholic? Or are you spending too much time away from work? Manage your time for a healthy work/life balance and you'll find yourself more productive in both.


Do you find yourself wanting to switch focus from one task to another too much? These context changes may be robbing you of productivity.

Do any of these warning signs apply to you? Poor time management may cause or contribute to these issues. Improving any of these areas are beneficial for a healthy and productive life. What steps can you take to improve them?

While we can bring these warning signs to your attention, we may not be able to assist you with every one of them. But we can help improve time and task management for you and your team with LogSpace. If you're ready to improve your productivity, get started with a free account! Need help with a strategy to manage your time? Check out our Time Management 101 resource page.


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