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9 Time Management Tools to Improve Your Workflow & Boost Productivity (2020)

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Hey there, productive go-getter! Perhaps you've read other articles in our Time Management 101 resource. If so, then you already know that staying organized will allow you to keep your productivity up. And many time management tools can help with that goal. They are complementary to time tracking and you can use them to help optimize your workflow. Here is a survey of a few useful tools to get you started.


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Trello is a popular app that is great for managing projects whether you're solo or working with a team. With this app, you can use boards, cards, and lists to help organize and prioritize your projects. If you've ever heard of kanban, then you'd probably feel at home with Trello. Kanban is a system of keeping tabs on tasks until they are completed. Each task is put in a column based on its current status. The word "kanban" is a Japanese word that means "signboard". The kanban technique originated from Toyota Motor Corporation as a way to keep tabs on manufacturing.

Check out Trello

Google Docs

Whether you're working solo or on a team, it's now super easy to write and share documents. We use it to collaborate on articles, write spreadsheets, and keep track of other information. You can also share drawings, presentations, and forms.

Check out Google Docs


MindNode is an app that lets you brainstorm and get ideas recorded quickly. It is convenient for when you need to create outlines for reports, websites, articles, or other projects. It has a minimal design that helps you focus on getting your thoughts down without being distracted.

Check out MindNode

Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note allows you to create notes, docs, lists, wikis, and more. There is also a feature that allows you to take a screenshot and have it saved to your account. You can then jot down any notes associated with it.

Check out Nimbus Note


This app allows you to store and access your files from anywhere. It has an intuitive design that allows you to organize important documents. Plus the files will be synced across all your devices.

Check out Dropbox


This is a popular note-taking app that can help with productivity. It allows you to capture ideas in various formats such as notes, audio, and pictures. It's useful for managing projects, keeping records, and planning.

Check out Evernote


This is a simple web app that implements the Pomodoro time management technique. It is an easy to use app that is focused on only using the Pomodoro technique. As a result, it has a very focused and clean design.

Check out TomatoTimer


You may have read about compromised online accounts in the news at some point. One way to help protect yourself from this outcome is to secure your online accounts with strong per-account passwords. Bitwarden allows you to create and use randomly generated passwords for your online accounts. Their cloud syncing service lets you access your data on any device.

Check out Bitwarden

Since you've got a unique working style and goals, we can't say there's one set of time management tools that is the solution for everyone. Check out a few of these tools, and see which ones help you boost productivity and improve your workflow. For more resources, see our Time Management 101 guide.

Note: While the information in this article is presented in the hope that it will be useful, Moment Software LLC does not endorse or recommend any particular product or service. The responsibility to determine the suitability of any mentioned product or service and the decision to use or not to use them remains with you.


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