Automate Time Tracking With Zapier

by Paul on October 15, 2020 — last updated January 4, 2021

For those of you looking to automate your time tracking, we've got some pretty big news for you. We've just added Zapier integration support!

Zapier App Integration
Use Zapier Triggers and Actions to automate your time tracking.

Zapier has thousands of apps to connect with. You can automatically send your time logs to a Google Sheets document. Or start a time log by typing a message in Slack. There are countless ways to connect.

By creating a "Zap," you can automatically make a LogSpace time log entry or clock in when an event occurs on another platform. Or you can trigger an action in other platforms when you create LogSpace time log entries.

As technology keeps barreling forward, we rely on specialized tools for various tasks more and more. By connecting multiple tools in an automated manner, we're able to use the strengths of each and avoid the grunt work of transferring and synchronizing information.

What Does a Zap Look Like?

The simplest Zaps involve one "Trigger" and one "Action." This means that when something occurs (the trigger), do something else (the action).

A Zap to Clock In from Slack message
An example Zap with a Trigger and Action.

The above image is the bird's eye view of the Zap. You'll be able to expand and customize the details.

When using a LogSpace integration, you will authorize Zapier to make requests on a specific team. Here's a screenshot of an example "Action," where you'll provide any details necessary, likely including some information from the "Trigger."

A Zap Action to Clock In
An example Zap Action to Start a Time Log.

If you'd like to get more complex, you can add multiple actions or involve "Searches." A "Search" allows you to look up additional information. When your "Trigger" activates on platform #1, you may want to "Search" for some information in platform #2 to provide to your "Action" on platform #3.

Where Can I Set Up a Zap?

We'd like to invite you to start using our Zapier integration. We think this is not only super cool, but also evidence that we're living in the future.

We'd love to hear what you think about this too, so please leave us a comment! And don't be shy if you have any questions or suggestions.

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