LogSpace pricing is simple and scalable because you only pay for the number of people that will use the system. A free plan is also available.

Free Plan

Monthly Price

For solo users only
Up to 3 active projects

Included features:
  • Track hours and edit time logs
  • Enter and monitor expenses
  • Reports
  • Mobile app
  • CSV export expenses/time logs

Team Plan

Monthly Price
$4 / person

For teams or solo users
No active project limit

Includes all Free Plan features plus:
  • Invite team members
  • Automatic Invoicing (or manual)
  • Import time logs from Excel/CSV
  • Excel export expenses/time logs

14-day trial available for new team plans.
No credit card required.

Compare Plans

Both plans have plenty of features. Pick the one that matches your needs.

Free PlanTeam Plan
Track Hours
Track time worked by clocking in and out and entering notes.
Add hours worked using a familiar week-by-week view.
Track Expenses
Track expenses with amounts and notes.
See graphs of time and expenses for projects at a glance.
Edit Your Time Logs and Expenses
Revise previously entered time and expenses or enter new ones after the fact.
Edit Time Logs and Expenses of Team Members
With appropriately granted permissions, update time and expense records for others.
Projects and ClientsFree PlanTeam Plan
Use Projects to Categorize Time and Expenses
Assign time and expense records to projects.
Manage Clients
Keep a list of your clients. Track time and expenses for them.
Associate Projects with Clients
Projects can be assigned to clients.
Archive Projects
Projects can be archived and unarchived as needed. Archived projects are hidden and do not count against the project limit on the Free Plan.
Project Limit
Make as many projects as you need with the Team Plan.
3No Limit
ReportingFree PlanTeam Plan
Run Reports
Choose report options to find matching time logs and expenses.
Use Rounding Modes
Select useful rounding modes for time logs such as six minute increments.
Use Date and Time Formats
Choose preferred date/time formats for displaying time values.
Time Zone and Currency Settings
Choose time zone and currency settings to match your locale.
Export to CSV
Export time logs and expenses to CSV files.
Export to Excel
Export time logs and expenses to Excel files.
InvoicingFree PlanTeam Plan
Create and Send Invoices
Create and send invoice PDFs via email to your clients.
Invoice History
Track the status of invoices over time.
Automatic Invoicing
Set up a schedule to have invoices automatically created.
Invoice PDFs
Preview or download invoice PDFs at any stage.
Add Time and Expenses to Invoices
Select projects and date ranges to add billable time and expenses to invoices with optional rounding modes.
Add Custom Line Items to Invoices
Add custom line items to invoices for cases such as flat-fee projects or added costs.
Excel Attachment for Time and Expenses
Attach an Excel spreadsheet to invoices with your time and expenses.
Other FeaturesFree PlanTeam Plan
Light and Dark Themes
Adjust the theme setting to switch between a dark or light color palette.
Mobile App
Download and use a mobile app to log time on-the-go.
Invite Team Members
Add members to your team by sending an email invitation.
Manage Team Project Permissions
Control which team members can access each project.
Manage Team Administrator Roles
Control which team members can access various administration features.
Import Time Logs
Load historical (or new) time log data from other systems or data sources by uploading Excel or CSV files.
  • Teams of 5 users or less are eligible for a one-time 14-day free trial of the Team Plan. Limit one trial per team and one trial per user.
  • The Free Plan is for solo users only. Limit one Free Plan per user.
  • Billing is on a monthly basis. Cancel your subscription at any time to stop further billing.
  • All prices are USD. Tax will be added where applicable.

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