Time Tracking

Logging and managing time log entries are core features of LogSpace. Users can create and edit time logs. And by setting up relevant permissions, users in a management role can monitor other team members' hours in addition to editing other users' time logs. To see a view of your own time, use the convenient "My Time" screen.

Clock In

Begin tracking time by clocking in. Once you do, you'll see an indicator in the top navigation showing that your time log is in-progress.

The stop time will be recorded when you clock out.

Clock In Button

My Daily Time Logs

See today's time logs at a glance and use the day selector to look at different days.

You'll also find a day visualizer marking the hours you've worked or are currently working.

See the total time you've logged on your team's projects for the day.

Add, edit, and delete time logs.

My Daily Time Logs

Editing Time Logs

Use the "Active Time Log" view to see your current activity.

Add some notes about your work, edit the project or user, and alter the start date or time.

You can also edit the end time as well as revise the other fields even after clocking out.

Any billable time logs will be included on your invoices.

Editing Time Logs

Editing Dates and Times

By clicking the button to the left of the day or time, a popover will present you with options to increment times or use sliders to drag the time.

You can also type them in manually. You may either type the numbers, copy and paste, or use the up/down arrow keys on each section.

Edit Dates and Times