Automatic Invoices: Let us do the work

by Paul on July 17, 2019

Do you enjoy manually creating invoices? Maybe a couple of you raised your hands, but that's usually a rhetorical question. Go ahead and stop reading if your hand is still up.

We just released automatic invoices, which means you can set a schedule, and your invoices will be created for you. Invoicing is not a commonly supported feature amongst other time tracker systems, so automatic invoicing is a big leap that puts LogSpace Time Tracker a step above the competition.

New Dashboard and Navigation

We'll create the invoice for you in DRAFT status so you can review it first. Usually you'll want to configure a small delay before the invoice is created so that any outstanding time logs can be completed. This also gives your teammates a chance to retroactively enter some time logs. If you choose, we can email your team administrators when your invoices are ready.

LogSpace Time Tracker is a feature-full product, but we've priced it affordably, so check out our free trial and please pass along the word. If you have any comments or additional features you are looking for, please use "Contact Us" to send us a message.

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