Run Reports

The report capability of LogSpace allows users to apply search filters and choose columns for customized reports. Once you have the report configured just right, you can export those time logs for your team.

View All Time Logs

Get a listing of your team's time logs and the number of hours worked.

Click the column headers to sort the results.

While looking at the report results, you can also edit or delete time logs on your team based on your permissions.

Time Log Report

Common Date Filters

Convenient buttons allow common date ranges such as this week or last week to be selected quickly.

The left/right arrows will navigate to adjacent time periods. So you may select this week, then click the left arrow to go to last week. This also works for months or days.

Common Date Filters

Filter by Date, Project, and User

Use the date filter to pick from a calendar or type in a date just like when you edit time logs.

Also filter by one or more projects and/or users.

Report Filters

Total Hours Only

Use the "View/Toggle Totals Only" button if you are only interested in the total number of hours based on your filters. This will hide the list of time log entries.

Time Log Report Totals

Alter Visible Columns and Export

Customize the columns in your report. Optionally include hours in 6 or 15 minute increments.

Export to Excel using the filter and column selections you've made.

Report Options with Columns